Sketchy MMD

Hello this is my about page.

I'm Melty/Akemi/Junko/Razrr/whatever.

I'm agendered and go by gender-neutral terms (they/them)

I'm a 22 year old working in house rennovation and retail that likes to sleep a lot.

I like food, bad anime, terrible movies, playing video games and cosplaying. (like a nerd)

I like a lot of stuff because I'm trash here's a list of some things

  • madoka
  • yume nikki
  • rpgmaker games in general
  • space dandy
  • metal gear solid
  • asura's wrath
  • bayonetta
  • splatoon
  • touhou
  • and other things
also im totally up to talking to people thats cool

Places you can find me at:

You can contact me in any of the above places if you need to. Here's other options to contact me by:

skype: madotsukiiii (please tell me who you are when sending a contact request, i deny requests with the default skype message)

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