Nothing much has changed on the website.
I'm unable to work on too many things for now because my computer has drastically slowed. I'm ordering an external hard drive so I can move some of my things over, hopefully freeing up space and speeding up my computer to the performance it used to have. I'm really hoping this isn't an actual hard drive issue, because if I have to replace it I may be stuck with windows 8, which I REALLY don't want to be stuck with. 7 is working just fine for me.

Changes made:
  • 19 Year Old Ib's download was removed. I've had rules broken and ignorant comments one (way more than one actually) too many times. She will not be posted back up, the download is down for good.
  • Barboach was added to the original models download page.
To fill up this empty space, here's some planned updates:
  • Adding a few models to the download page: a dullahan character, Yamitsuki from Sick Mind,  and Origamitsuki (I call her Mitsuki) from *Illness*
  • Nue is possibly going to be updated.
  • ???????
  • profit.