Today is my sister's birthday! She's about 12 years older than me, I think. She's in her early 30s, but I don't know her exact age... My mom is going to have dinner with her and her kids tonight. I don't get to go because I have a college class today... orz
I'm really excited for Halloween though! I'm having a party at my house. I've never had or been to a Halloween party, and this one is mostly of my close friends, so I think it'll be fun. Plus, I'll be dressing up as Remilia Scarlet.
I haven't been feeling well lately, though. I've been hungry too often and my stomach has been getting upset...

Today, the following site updates were made:
  • Added Smile and Sister to the models page. Their downloads are available.
  • Added Smile's House to the stage downloads page.
  • Added Trick or Treat Buckets to the accessory downloads page.
  • The stage downloads page got a format change. The previous format looked good to me, but the text never aligned right with the pictures, forcing me to make extra spaces in the text to line them up right. It got too confusing, so I switched it to something much easier for me to edit.