There's nothing new added today, unfortunately. This is more of an announcement.
This weekend there is a local con in my town that I'll be attending with two friends and my dad, so I'll be unable to post anything for Saturday or Sunday.
Next weekend, on the 15th, I'll be flying out to Florida with my parents to go to Disney World. This is my first trip to Disney World, and the first time I've been to any Disney park since my freshman year of high school. I'll be celebrating my 21st birthday there, which is the day after we arrive in Florida on the 16th. I'm excited! Not a big fan of long plane rides, but the trip is going to be worth it. I'll be posting photos on my tumblr.

And now for some other announcements:
  • the Five Nights at Freddy's stage is coming along well.  I've added wires to the backs of all the monitors, and am now working on the various clutter (crumpled paper, some fast food cup, the weird cupcake) although I can't absolutely promise the cupcake will even happen. The top with the eyes is something I've never tackled before, and I want to make this stage as well as I possibly can.
  • I really need more votes on that poll guys. Specifically, I was aiming to start trying to make stages based off a mobile game called Tiny Tower, but I wanted input as to what else people were interested in. In any case, I won't be starting any new stages until the FNAF one is completed.
  • I'm hoping to take commissions in the future. Although I'm pretty sure nobody would pay me even $5 for anything I make, it'd be at least worth a try.
  • I am very close to taking down the download link for 19-year-old Ib. Too many people have blatantly ignored my description in the download posts and complain about not getting a password in public when I have stated SEVERAL times to contact me in private. 
  • Many of my original character models are going to be getting an extra ZIP folder, completely separate from the original files, of those characters' standard outfits in different color palettes based off other characters (like alternate palettes in fighting games) I'm more interested in seeing if anyone can pick out what character each palette will reference!
That's all for now. See you next week!