Well, thanks yola for updating just as I post a site update and deleting the entire post. Really appreciate that.

Anyway, I had made a post on the 10th but apparently never published it. I had a very long explanation written, but I don't feel like writing the entire thing for a 3rd time, so here's what happened: On the 10th of December, my dog of 15 years had to be euthanized. She was hurting and she was very old, so there wasn't much we could do. It's been really hard on my whole family, and the house is very empty without her. She was very important to us. The vet's office kept her and cremated her for us, and we got her ashes back a few days ago along with a small plaster with her name and pawprint in it. We're planning on getting her a plaque as well, since she meant so much to us.
 I've been trying to keep myself busy to help ease the pain a little. It's still hard to deal with, and I don't think I'll ever be fully recovered, but I'll get better in time.
I may post some photos of my dog at another time.

As for site updates, there's the following:
  • To the model edits page, a new Sabitsuki and Urotsuki along with Sometsuki from Ultra Violet were added.
  • A stage based on Ultra Violet's Glass Elevator area was added.
I'm very tired, so that's all for today, especially since this is my 3rd time writing this update. I've run out of energy to write everything I had before for the 3rd time.