WOW I really haven't updated in a long time... In my defense, this update has been happening over the past several months but wasn't published till just now. We have a lot of changes!:

  • Added PMMM Cast, Sugar v2, Etoille v6, Madotsuki v7, Monoko/Monoe V4, and Sabitsuki v7 to the model edits download page!
  • Introduced Add-Ons, which are additional files that can be added to certain models to get another version of them. Add-ons were added to the PMMM Cast, Madotsuki v6 and Sabitsuki v5 pages.
  • The following were removed from the model edits download page due to their age and being now obsolete: Madotsuki v5, the old Monoko and Monoe, Shitai, Naomi, and Seiko. Naomi and Seiko were never up for download to begin with, but are definitely obsolete already. I must ask everyone to refrain from using Madotsuki v5, as I've released better models without so many glitches and you'll probably have an easier time with the newer ones. Please love yourself.
  • The following were added to the stages page: Mitakihara classroom, Candeloro's barrier, Metal Gear Solid Codec, and Checker Tile Path.
  • The following were added to the accessories page: Braids v2, Grief Seeds v2, Cross-Ribbon Shoes, and Lolita-Type Shoes.
  • Candeloro and Low-Poly Flandre were added to the original models page.
That's a lot of updates! Sorry I was gone for so long, I got a job at a nearby store... and recently left it after 4 months of employment due to emotional manipulation and borderline abuse by management. You really can't defend threatening to fire someone after they got stellar reviews from customers and then get upset when that employee puts in their two weeks... lol
I've also got a new body for low-poly models in the concept stage. I'm still inexperienced with modeling bodies, especially shoulders, but I'm excited to say that my guinea pig for the new body is going to be Hard RK Meltdown Rin! I'm really looking forward to it.
Also, I have an RPGMaker game in the works! Two actually, but only one is coming close to completion. Its estimated release date is June of this year.

And one more thing, I've finally gotten myself a car! Maybe I'll be able to go more places now.

That's all for this update! Sorry it took so long, and thanks for sticking with me!