Another long period of time without an update. I just haven't really been into the swing of things lately...

Work has kept me busy on the days when I haven't been in bed sick with something.

I recently bought Asura's Wrath and almost managed to get Project Diva F 2nd since it was at the game store as well, but it was more expensive than Asura's Wrath and I didn't have enough money for both. 
I do enjoy Asura's Wrath, though. It's a very good game and it's a great stress reliever. I think it's the only game that matches the constant anger I feel at all times... orz

As for site updates, a few things happened:
  •  Madotsuki v6 was updated. The model has new braids that I made myself, plus a new effect. Her place in the model edits page hasn't changed, but the preview image has. I suggest deleting her if you downloaded her before, and download the new one to replace it. Further updates will be handled differently, explained below.
  • 3 models were added to the model edits page: Poniko, Ib, and Mary.
  • 19 Year Old Ib's image on the model edits page was changed to enforce that she has been permanently removed.
  • Two models were added to the original models page: Koishi and Satori Komeiji.
  • The info for 2D Madotsuki on the original models page was changed. When I first put her up, I had copy+pasted the format from Riiko's description and edited it for Madotsuki. I only noticed today that I managed to forget to change the source material from original character to Yume Nikki. Whoops. Madotsuki definitely isn't my character.,,
***For model updates (mainly specific to the Yume Nikki/fangame models plus Etoille and whatever other OCs may actually be paid attention to: Instead of reuploading the entire ZIP file for an additional costume/effect, from now on those updates will be uploaded separately as just the PMD file by itself and whatever textures it needs in its own file.
That's a little hard to explain vaguely so I'll use an example.
Eventually, I'll add a blindfold effect to Madotsuki. The model with the blindfold effect will be zipped up on its own with only the texture for the blindfold. The model must be extracted within Madotsuki's folder. This will just add the new model and its new texture to the folder as a new option with all the others.

I'll make an image tutorial about it when it actually happens, but for now that explanation should be okay.

That's all for this update. Hopoefully the next one wont be a month overdue...