WOW!!!!! it's been ages since I updated. Wow.

I'm very sorry for the inactivity. I've lost a lot of my motivation, had some emotional episodes (which is why I really should get back on medication, but I can't afford it...)
May was a very VERY busy month for me. On top of most life stuff, I had a vacation to San Francisco, and I went to Phoenix Comicon. And last weekend I went out of town, and I may soon be returning to San Francisco... It's a very busy summer for me so far.

I've been very set on making more stages, especially since I recently started replaying Yume Nikki. I had my nephews and niece over, and they were watching me play... I had to keep it tame since there was a 5 year old present. I've always loved Yume Nikki and I'm constantly making things related to it, and replaying it only made my love for it grow even more. 

But since nobody really cares much about my life, let's get to what changed!

  • Nakao-faced/styled models for Flandre Scarlet, Cirno, Remilia Scarlet, Koishi Komeiji, Satori Komeiji, Kogasa Tatara, Nue Houjuu, and Hong Meiling were added to the model edits page.
  • Two stages were added: Witch's Island and Flesh Walls.
  • The header for the site was changed to Kogasa.

Here's the plans for the future!:
  • Yume Nikki stages: Madotsuki's room, Madotsuki's balcony, Block World, Numbers World, Shitai's Road , Puddle World, Hell, Monoko/Monoe's Tunnels, Checker Tile Path
  • .flow stages: Nexus, Sabitsuki's room, Alleyway Hospital, Hospital entrance, Prison, Sewers
  • Lowpoly models have stopped for now. I'll be revising the existing ones with slightly more vertices to make rigging look... not completely horrible, I guess. Mainly the legs. I'll also be experimenting with expressions, so please look forward to it!
If you have any suggestions for more, feel free to email me!