This website hasn't been used in a while, but I'm hoping to change that even though most of my files are on bowlroll. I'm planning to eventually do a complete overhaul of this site. My plans include:
  • Completely deleting super outdated models
  • Redoing the model downloads page
  • Require reading through a list of my rules and terms before proceeding onto the downloads page
  • Redoing the layout to make it more organized and faster to find what you need
  • Possibly giving non-outdated models their own pages with info like issues, updates and possible bugs.
  • A rehaul of the contact page
  • Redo of the home page
  • Updating images
and possibly other stuff.

I've enrolled in a community college, but I only have two classes: a psychology class on Thursday and a non-western cultures class on Wednesdays.

I wanted to take a Japanese class, but the only available classes conflicted with my schedule. Maybe next semester.