Recently I decided to attempt editing up a model of my best friend's second UTAU, named Nekoko Matabi.

I had a few issues with the base body I normally use as I accidentally moved her knee bones while positioning her skirt, so her legs are a little wonky sometimes...

Her model is very close to completion. I want to try adding a few more expressions and making a few more little accessories for her.

Her base body is the same that I use for a majority of my stuff (ex. Sabitsuki's and Madotsuki's newer models, my old self model and my UTAU's model.), the same skirt I use for everything is on her too.
Her face is Kio's Version Y Miku, bottom of the jacket is part of an NJXA shirt, her boots are from Nakao Miku, the flower pendant, cat ears (shown, but they're only an expression slider, they are not part of her official design. I added them because I assume she sports a sort of a cat theme from her name and my friend's obsession with cats.), and hair are all from 3DCG.
The necklace is from Meta.

I'm planning on adding blushing expressions, an optional microphone (headset?) and possibly some other things, I'm not quite sure yet.