I've added a blog to my MMD website, hooray!

First of all I really appreciate anyone who uses my silly things and I'm sorry I can't make a humanoid model from scratch, but I'll be damned if I'm called lazy for it.
I've tried modelling human figures before. It just doesn't come to me. I think I'm better off making stages and accessories and such from scratch and I apologize that my models will be edited from others. Oh well.

Seeing some of my stuff on NicoNicoDouga too is pretty awesome because I have to wonder how the users even found me and my stuff... Regardless, I like seeing my stuff used, thank you very much.

In other news, I've started recording an ACT2 voicebank for my main UTAU. Hopefully this one will be a lot nicer than her current voicebank.

I haven't been doing a whole lot because of school stress. Finals are coming up, Pheonix Comic Con is coming up, and San Diego Comic Con is coming up. I've gotten a math tutor so my algebra class is going a bit better. Hopefully I won't completely fail my math final...

Not sure what else to put here, so happy first boring blog entry.