updates finished:
  • changed the model downloads layout
  • removed the model downloads page from the header, replaced it by a list of my terms of use that is required to read before proceeding to the downloads page.
  • changed the home page a little
  • rewrote the entire about page.
  • removed the useless photo gallery.
  • removed a link to my private page
  • changed header
  • (pretty much ?) deleted all traces of old and outdated models
updates in progress:
  • linking each image on the model downloads page to a page specifically for that model, which includes info like the series the model is based on, possibly exceptions or additions or the ToU, credits list, version number, a short description and a status for the current model if its being updated, old, has glitches, etc
updates planned:
  • similar rehaul of the stages/accessories download pages
  • actually upload some pose and motion data.
in other news... I tried to improv some udon noodle soup today since I don't have a whole lot of nice ingredients at my house. it resulted in tripping over my deaf dog while trying to pour it into a bowl and spilling hot just-boiling water all over the counters and my hand. i was not burned too badly. i went through a lot of trouble to clean up, and the end result tasted terrible. i should never be allowed to cook. orz