Sketchy MMD
Size : 2531.927 Kb
Type : zip
Size : 2234.954 Kb
Type : zip

Frilly Madotsuki/Sabitsuki 

Series: Yume Nikki/.flow

Version: 1.00

Description: More frilly edits of Madotsuki and Sabitsuki. I wanted to play around with slight alternatives to their outfits. They share this page because they were distributed together.

Exceptions to ToU: The pipe and knife are not to be removed from their models and used on others at all. If you ask, I probably won't give you permission. Sorry.

Credits: Lat/Nakao/Kio/3DCG (HK)/TehRainbowLlama/Seiza-P/Paya/Montecore/Metaseq

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