Sketchy MMD


Series: .flow

Version: 5.00

Description: An updated Sabitsuki to match the other updated dreamers. Includes 6 models for 6 effects.

Exceptions to ToU: **please do not take the pipe. oh my god. please. dont do the thing. don't take anything, but especially the pipe. TV too, don't touch it.**

Credits: Lat/Nakao/Idolmaster/3DCG/Metaseq

 Add-on List

**Add-ons are something I recently started. Download the add-ons into the core folder of the main file, do not give them their own folders. The add-ons only contain the PMDs for the add-on and whatever additional textures are necessary. 

Some add-ons may have patches to add extra sliders or fix issues. If a patch is available, +patch will be in the title of the post that introduces the add-on.

Additional instructions will be included on the add-on posts if needed.

Available add-ons for Sabitsuki:

**Uniform Effect**

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