Sketchy MMD

Terms of Use

You must read and agree to these terms before proceeding to the downloads page.

General Rules
1.  Please credit when using anything of mine. I get credit for what I make, others can find the source, and I can favorite your work.
2. My models, original or edit, are NOT to be used outside of MMD without permission. this INCLUDES Gmod or other game mod ports. If I see this happening, I will report it without question or warning. 
3. Do not reupload my files. If I take a link down, I take it down for a reason. The file must NOT be reuploaded if it's taken down.
4. Do not take parts from the models without permission. Do not edit aside from expressions fixing/adding, physics, bones, etc. That stuff is fine, considering I'm terrible at it.
5. Commercial use is forbidden. That means you cannot use anything of mine to make profit in any way, including virtual currency (ex dA points, gaia gold, neopoints, etc). That includes: 
  • Picture Commissions
  • Video Commissions
  • Youtube videos with royalties enabled; meaning videos that have ads at the beginning.
  • Model edit commissions, which are kind of illegal anyway
6. If you use an accessory or model part I've posted, do NOT use it on any models that contain rips from games. That INCLUDES Sims 3, Pokemon, MMOs, Project Diva rips, etc. The only game rip exceptions are 3D Custom Girl, and Polygon Love 2 if the model edit is not distributed.
7. If you have questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to ask me.

Most of my models, both edit and original, will contain a readme file. In the event that they do not, use this ToU page as a reference. No readme does NOT mean free range.

Motion and Pose Data Rules
1. Credit for these is not explicitly required, but is appreciated. If there's credit, I will favorite your work.
2. Please do not use any motion or pose data I post for anything of sexual or gory nature unless otherwise stated.
3. Editing of motion and pose data is okay.
4. If redistributing edited motion or pose data, please leave a link back to the original. This is the only case where I would really prefer you to credit and may ask you to do so if you haven't.

Texture File Rules
1. Credit is required for hand-drawn texture files.
2. You may recolor; If file size allows me, I may include a SAI file for easier editing.
3. Please ask before redistributing edited texture files.

If you have any questions, please refer to the contact page.


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